Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki uses a synergy of Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) and Kundalini (raw evolutionary force). The Kundalini strengthens the Reiki, while the Reiki “tempers” the Kundalini, making it quite safe and effective. Healing takes place on the subtle energy (vibrational) level by removing blocks and restoring equilibrium to the body’s energy field. Balance on the energetic level is reflected throughout the entire human system to manifest on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

During a Kundalini Reiki session, Universal Life Force Energy is channeled through the crown chakra, to the heart and out through the palms of the hands. It is drawn into the energy field of the recipient by the recipient’s higher consciousness, so only the right amount can be received. The healer does not cause the healing; the healer merely provides the recipient with the tools to initiate their ability to heal themselves. Working with Universal Energy has a profound effect on the practitioner and patient alike.

Kundalini Reiki originated with Ole Gabrielsen who has inspired many on their spiritual journey through his teachings on energy healing systems and meditation. The energy vibration of Kundalini Reiki is associated with the sacral/navel chakra; an energy center located just below the navel. This chakra is closely identified with our creativity, generosity and self-expression.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “the coil in the hair of the beloved”. It refers to the powerful, creative force resident in every human being. The Kundalini lies dormant in most people and is symbolized as coiled snake at the base of the spine. Through Kundalini activation, this energy ‘uncoils’, ascending through the chakras to the crown where it connects with Universal Love and Light. This connection to the Universe/God ultimately can bring us to a state of enlightenment (called ‘Samadhi’ in Sanskrit), a state of total consciousness.

Through working regularly with our Kundalini energy, our level of consciousness and spiritual awareness begins to increase as we manifest our ‘true’ or Higher Self. As we continue to achieve higher levels of awareness and perception, we begin to express our highest spiritual ideals and destiny on the physical plane.

During in-person sessions, we begin with a guided meditation or visualization to help you relax in preparation for the session. You may experience some unusual sensations such as heat (sometimes the whole body will feel hot and sometimes just the area where my hands are placed) and tingling sensations. Also, sensing a ‘buzzing’ energy around the body is not unusual.

Kundalini Reiki sessions tend to be much shorter and more powerful than those of other energy healing modalities.  When you have received all the energy you need, the flow will automatically cease. This might take anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes as the higher consciousness will only take in as much energy as needed. The energy continues to work through the recipient’s entire system for hours and days afterwards.

Kundalini Reiki also assists with: healing the crystalline deposits that formed as a result of trauma to the body; healing and strengthening the Body’s DNA; healing the trauma of birth (being born); healing the karmic bands/ties between people, places and the Earth; and, healing the blockages from past lives or your earlier life.

While Usui Reiki can leave you feeling relaxed, peaceful and sometimes even sleepy, Kundalini Reiki tends to leave you more energized, inspired and creative.

All Kundalini Reiki Sessions are performed fully clothed.

30 minute in-person or long-distance Kundalini Reiki session – $50.00

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