Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation and Energy Attunement

Relax fully clothed on a Far-infrared Amethyst BioMat while your chakras and auric field are revitalized. Crystals will be placed on and around your body and unscented color essence mists will be used to reduce energetic stress.  Gemstone-infused chakra crystal singing bowls will be played a short distance from the body.  The crystals, color and sound energy therapy will help you better respond to the stressors of life, restore calm to the nervous system, improve immune functions, and raise your cells to their highest vibration.

Our bodies are energy; not solid masses, but rapidly vibrating molecules. Sound is a direct path to healing the body.  This form of healing can raise the vibratory frequency of our bodies. Sound Healing helps clear physical and emotional illness and ailments with the creative vibration of Spirit. It also assists in releasing the underlying behavioral patterning and thinking which manifests disease. Sound moves to the parts of our body that are not in tune and allows the body to return to its natural frequency and rhythm.

This is a custom energy healing session which includes a guided meditation to enhance deeper relaxation throughout the body.

60 minute session – $80.00

For sessions with more than one person or for groups, please contact Jonda directly for details and rates.

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